Monday, April 20, 2009

Trivani Humanitarian Summit (SLC, Oct 9-10, 2009)

This was announced on Bob's Trivani Blog this Friday. You can tell Trivani is expanding rapidly. The time to get involved and rolling is now — and mark your calendar for the Trivani Humanitarian Summit this fall. (Salt Lake City on Oct 9th and 10th.)

Here is an extract from Bob's post (see
for Friday, 17 April 2009).

The Trivani Humanitarian Summit
The Trivani Humanitarian Summit is coming this fall, and it is shaping up to be one of the greatest humanitarian summits ever on American soil.

The Trivani Foundation®, in conjunction with a handful of tremendous humanitarian partners, has put together a lineup of the finest humanitarians on earth, and we are pleased to welcome them to Utah.

The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Mohammad Yunus, and a handful of additional Nobel Peace Prize recipients are scheduled to participate. It will be a remarkable event, and we are excited to warmly welcome these incredible humanitarians to Utah.

Well, that's quite a roster of dignitaries (with mystery guests not yet listed)! Of course, a lot is going to happen between now and then, including time for all of us to prepare to really have made significant advancements in our personal Trivani businesses. Let's all work for success—and then all meet for this great Summit!

Best Humanitarian Wishes,

Richard Shipp (StarShipp)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Health Benefits of Trivani Products

Trivani Products have been formulated to produce wonderful effects. From time to time we will post some of the testimonials of people using the products and experiencing the helpful results. Here is one (from Bob's Blog of April 10, 2009):
Thank you for this powerful opportunity. I am new to Trivani and just became a child sponsor. I would like to share with you a product testimonial. I have been suffering from acid reflux and have had major ulcers on my esophagus. I had been on a popular medication for acid reflux, and it had pretty much cleared up the ulcers, but the heartburn was still there, just not as bad. My health insurance company denied any further prescriptions for the medication and wanted me to try something less expensive. My physician then provided a thirty-day trial prescription for another medication, and it worked somewhat but was not very effective for heartburn.

After 30 days, I ran out of the medication and procrastinated on calling my doctor. As a result, my heartburn became severe. I told my wife that I was going to call the doctor the following day. Meanwhile, and just in the nick of time, my Trivani product order arrived. I immediately consumed Rakan and Suvan twice, per the directions on the bottles. The next day I awoke and, much to my surprise, I had no heartburn. Now keep in mind that this was severe, constant heartburn that gave me a burning sensation in my arm (the doctors checked this out and determined the sensation was from the heartburn and not my heart). Well, it's been about a week now and still no heartburn, and I believe I am done with medication (with my doctor’s approval, of course). In my opinion, it is the Suvan that is helping me so much—and probably the sea buckthorn berry oil in particular. I will use this product the rest of my life.

David C.

P.S. The product is much cheaper than a prescription
and does even more!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trivani's Presence on Facebook

We know people by their faces. Of course, there are other things we distinguish: height, smiles, clothes, hair styles, voices, and so on. But everyone will know us best by our face. Facebook—really a great name for a social network.

We live in a computer age. It is shrinking our world dramatically. I get phone calls from India and other far away places quite regularly. My wife called her Vice Chair (of a political district) towards the end of last year by dialing his local cell phone here in Utah. He answered and they began a conversation about tasks that needed addressing. She asked if he could handle a local task, and he replied, “I would, but I’m in China!

So, the world grows smaller. A new technology now available as the capability to “reach out and touch someone” extends farther, is social networking. It is computer based, and runs out across the world-wide web. It is a way for people to come together and share. Besides sharing lives, it is a way to share opportunities—it is a way to share Trivani!

Paul Jensen, the “IT Guy” of Trivani, has put together a Facebook application that allows you to include the Trivani opportunity in your Facebook account. Here is the official announcement:

Today is the official launch of the Trivani Child Guardian Facebook Application—a free feature that allows you to spread your Child Guardian experience throughout your Facebook account.

Here are 5 reasons to get this application today:

  • Share your Trivani Child Guardian experience with friends and family
  • Include a photo of your sponsored child on each Facebook message you send
  • Spread the word about your Trivani business
  • Drive new prospects to your Trivani Business website
  • Encourage new prospects to join Trivani’s cause and become a Child Guardian in your organization

Not signed up for Facebook yet? Do it today! This social network can be a great way to meet new people and spread the word about your Trivani business. Click here to get your free Facebook account. Then sign up for the new Trivani Child Guardian Application while you’re at it.

So, that’s it. A new way to share Trivani! A skilled network Humanitarian will learn and use multiple tools to help with their business. Trying new skills and practicing using new tools will help them become second nature. Enjoy using this new networking tool!