Monday, February 23, 2009

Trivani Shipp Fleet Blog

This is the beginning of the
Trivani Shipp Fleet blog!

We are Independent Humanitarians™ for Trivani International, which is the "engine" that funds humanitarian aid around the world. We invite you to enjoy this blog, and join our efforts to provide humanitarian service including sponsor children in need—providing all their nutritional, health and medical, and educational needs!

Through the sale of its high quality products by humanitarian distributors, Trivani International provides the funding to the Trivani Foundation that does the humanitarian service, (as well as partnering with other select humanitarian agencies). This blog will tell you more about the humanitarian projects Trivani has and is participating in around the globe, as well as the “Do No Harm” personal care and health products it offers. This is an exciting endeavor, and simply by "switching stores" and using Trivani products, you can join us in doing humanitarian aid. Think of it—use Trivani's Nourishing Shampoo™ or Nourishing Conditioner™ in the shower and you are doing humanitarian aid!

Trivani International's Grand Launch was October 2008, so it is a perfect time to become an Independent Humanitarian for this ground-level network marketing company.

Let us introduce you to the Trivani Shipp Fleet:

Richard and Kherna Shipp
— StarShipp Enterprises™

Norman and Angela Shipp
— Smooth Sailing Shipp™

Charlie and Lynnette Shipp
— Shipp Ahoy™

We are the current Shipps of the Trivani Shipp Fleet! We are excited to share our experiences in Trivani with you, and invite you to sail with the Shipp Fleet as we help others come into the Trivani Harbor of Humanitarian Aid!


Independent Humanitarians™ is a trademark of StarShipp Enterprises (2008). Smooth Sailing Shipp™ is a trademark of Norman P. Shipp (2008). Shipp Ahoy™ is a trademark of Charles E. Shipp (Feb 2009).