Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recruiting Follow-Up

Here is some good counsel from a professional web company on prospecting and helping leads actually sign up. I thought it was well written, and very important for all of us in Trivani recruiting:

Lead Nurturing: If You Don't Use It, You Lose It

Most companies focus heavily on acquiring new leads every month to close new business.

However, if you are not using a process to keep in frequent touch with leads acquired in past months, i.e. nurturing prospects already familiar with your business, you lose the opportunity to close business with those prospects.

Nurturing old leads is a way to rekindle old conversations that have fizzled out. You never know when a closed door will re-open—and you can only find out by knocking!

(Source: HubSpot at: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/5027/1-200-Leads-in-4-Weeks-A-Lead-Nurturing-Success-Story.aspx/)

Besides the skill to meet new people and give them an introduction to Trivani, following up with continuing support is as important. Otherwise, you can be constantly meeting new people, but not helping them learn more about Trivani and signing up. It takes more time to do the follow-up, but that is how signing up people in Trivani is done. (This is an important point for me, because I do well with introductions, but need improvement in following up!)

Best Humanitarian Wishes,

RCS (StarShipp)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Confidence in Trivani

Let's say you just joined Trivani as a new humanitarian distributor. Congratulations! That is great news. You will find wonderful products, great purpose, a terrific compensation plan, and truly wonderful people to work with. You will enjoy Trivani.

But how do you gain enough confidence as a Trivani humanitarian to be at ease in telling others about Trivani? That is the question.

Here is an answer that will help you. Simply follow these easy steps—and don't worry! It isn't hard.

Step 1) Sign up as a Trivani Humanitarian Distributor (cost is zero). Since you have already signed up, you have already accomplished the first step! It was easy! In signing up, you received a distributor ID number. Don't forget this number—it is your unique ID number in Trivani (and needed to sign in to your Trivani Business Center).

Step 2) Go to http://www.Trivani.com and look around at the company web site. Become familiar with the three-fold mission of Trivani showcased there: Purpose, Health, Prosperity. Memorize those three words! (Repeat them to your family members, and practice giving a very short summary of each—a few sentences for each will do.) Every time you share Trivani with someone, you will use those three words.

Step 3) Set up your personal Business Center. As a distributor for Trivani, you get a personal Business Center at no charge. It is a place where you can order products (or change your order) and see your product order history. It keeps track of those you help sign up with Trivani (your downline); it provides detailed product information; it has a section of "Who's Who" in Trivani; and it provides many other things to help you be an effective humanitarian distributor. Go to http://www.Trivani.com and choose "Business Center Login" under the "Business Tools" tab.

The first time you choose the "Business Center Login" click on (Sign Up Today) in the middle on the right. Then follow the instructions and fill in the information. This activates your Business Center. When you are done, you will receive an email congratulating you on your success, and giving you other information pointers.

You are now ready to really enter your Business Center. So, return to the Business Center Login screen. This time, enter your Trivani distributor ID number on the left, and your password (don't forget it—write it down in a secure location).

Once in your Business Center, look around to get acquainted with its features and contents. It is a tremendous resource to your Trivani education and running your Trivani distributorship.

Step 4) You are now ready to begin to personalize your own Trivani website (www.MyTrivani.com/YourName). It's also free! It is a major tool you will use when you share Trivani with others. When you speak with someone you think would be a good Trivani humanitarian, you simple say that you have recently become a humanitarian with a company that has great personal and health care products and does humanitarian aid. (If they want more detail, tell them about the three-fold mission of Trivani: Purpose, Health, and Prosperity). You show them your business card to pique their attention and point our your MyTrivani.com website on the card. You invite them to go to your website and see some videos on Trivani and how they can become a Trivani humanitarian if they are interested. You let your website "do the talking" for you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Trivani video is worth 10,000 words! Finally, ask for their email so you can keep in touch. It's that simple.

personalize your MyTrivani website, sign in to your Business Center. Under the "Trivani Business Center" title you will see a menu bar. The fifth menu is "Web Site." Under "Web Site," click on "My Story" to enter what you want to appear on your website's "About Me" page. Usually you give some of your personal background—who you are and what makes you you—as well as the things you especially enjoy about Trivani's mission and how Trivani is such a great opportunity for those interested in signing up. Make sure you include your contact info: phone number, email address, etc. (Note: We suggest you set up a new Trivani business email address for yourself, such as MyTrivaniBusiness@gmail.com. Some distributors choose a name they will use in Trivani, such as StarShipp, Shipp-Ahoy, SmoothSailingShipp, or Starfish. Alternatively, if you signed up in Trivani as a business—for example, StarShipp Enterprises—you may wish to use part of your business name, such as StarShipp. Whatever you choose, your new Trivani email address would then be something like StarShipp@gmail.com matched with www.MyTrivani.com/StarShipp as your personal Trivani website URL. Some people use their own name, such as Charlie.Shipp@gmail.com and www.MyTrivani.com/CharlieShipp. Just remember, you choose what you want after the "/" in your website URL.)

The next thing to prepare your MyTrivani.com website is to add your photo. To do this, choose "My Photo" under the "Website" menu and follow the directions. Trivani Distributor Support at Trivani HQ can help you if you need.

You will be very pleased with your new MyTrivani.com web presence. It will be your "best foot forward" in presenting the Trivani opportunity to those you meet. Look through it thoroughly to know what is there.

Step 5) Read Bob's Trivani Blog every business day! Put the Founder and CEO of Trivani on your team: read Bob Steed's blog religiously. This is where you will receive the latest and greatest of Trivani. It will keep you enthused and up to date. Bob is a pro and will help you become a pro. Bob's sharing via his blog represents one of the greatest training sources Trivani provides for you —support from the Top! Don't underestimate the value of this great resource. Follow the leader and help those you sign up do the same!

Those are the steps. Start with Step 1 and follow them through. With any business, the more you learn and know about the company, its products, and mission, the more confidence you will have as a spokesperson. You share the things you know and like every day with people. It's easy. Sharing Trivani can be just as easy if you will spend the time to learn about it. A little every day and your confidence will grow! You have a great upline who stands ready to help you—just ask. And remember, you have to do your part—no one can do it for you. But it is easy to learn and grow, and Trivani provides wonderful help along the way! What a great Trivani journey!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leveraging Money to Fund Humanitarian Aid

One of the factors in being a Trivani Member or Humanitarian Distributor, is that the products you purchase are leveraged for humanitarian aid. “Leveraged” means that when you buy a product locally, the monetary value put toward humanitarian aid can then purchase say, twenty-five fold, or fifty-fold, or a HUNDRED-FOLD in humanitarian aid service! These numbers are not fantasy or make believe! This money funds real humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies and operations, school supplies, water systems, and so on. Do the math: you spend $100 to purchase your Trivani products this month, and $10 (or more) goes to humanitarian aid. But that $10 is leveraged, so it produces (remember, leveraged value means you multiply) $250, or $500, or $1,000 worth of humanitarian aid! Now that’s buying power!

In Bob’s Trivani Blog (30 June 2009), he gives this example of how your Trivani dollars are leveraged: “Imagine $25 for a complete facial restructuring! It has never been done before, not even close. We are breaking new ground and doing an incredible work.”

You can count on Trivani doing the very most possible with your money in humanitarian service.

It's great to be a part of Trivani!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Trivani Shipp Fleet Voyage

First, thanks for visiting the Trivani Shipp Fleet blog.

We are a great group of Shipps, who are Independent Humanitarians™ with Trivani International. We work together to sponsor other independent humanitarian distributors for Trivani, who then join our fleet in the Trivani Harbor and then set sail into Purpose, Health, and Prosperity!

We hope you will “Come Aboard” and find the fulfillment of sponsoring a child—providing for their nutritional and health needs, medical needs, and education. Enhance your own health, and those you sponsor through Trivani's great nutrition and personal care products. And improve your income at the same time!

Imagine, an opportunity that does all three missions at once! You can be a great Humanitarian with Trivani.

You can get acquainted with individual Trivani Shipp Fleet Captains at:

http://www.MyTrivani.com/StarShipp (Richard & Kherna)
http://www.MyTrivani.com/SmoothSailingShipp (Norman & Angela)
http://www.MyTrivani.com/CharlieShipp (Charlie & Lynnette—ShippAhoy)
http://www.MyTrivani.com/TreasureShipp (David & Jaimee— under construction)

Join StarShipp, Smooth-Sailing Shipp, Shipp Ahoy, and Treasure Shipp as a new Trivani Captain!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day is for Remembering

Well, it's Memorial Day 2009.

What do we remember today? Our fallen Heroes, who gave their lives for Liberty—our liberty and freedom. So, today we can say a prayer that they and their families will be blessed for their sacrifice; and for our country that it may maintain the principles of Freedom and good Government; and for ourselves and our families, that we may do our part in upholding the Laws of the Land, and Voting for good men and women of sound character and moral standing who will represent us in the quest for limited government, laws that protect life, laws that are fair and foster economic growth and individual independence from government, and all the other facets of true freedom and prosperity.

And we can also remember those less fortunate than ourselves. We can remember the Children who need our help. We can get involved. We can work to make a difference. We can Sponsor a Child and help others to do the same. It takes work, it takes commitment, it takes persistence and courage. But that we can do. We can be Heroes too! Great things can be accomplished with our effort: “. . . out of small things proceedeth that which is great!”

So Memorial Day is for Remembering—the past, the present, and the future. We remember the past to learn from it and give honor where it is due; we remember the present and the blessings we enjoy; we remember the future and the opportunities it represents.

Then we do our part. Trivani can be a significant part of that effort.

God bless us all this Memorial Day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trivani Humanitarian Summit (SLC, Oct 9-10, 2009)

This was announced on Bob's Trivani Blog this Friday. You can tell Trivani is expanding rapidly. The time to get involved and rolling is now — and mark your calendar for the Trivani Humanitarian Summit this fall. (Salt Lake City on Oct 9th and 10th.)

Here is an extract from Bob's post (see http://www.humanitarianblog.com/
for Friday, 17 April 2009).

The Trivani Humanitarian Summit
The Trivani Humanitarian Summit is coming this fall, and it is shaping up to be one of the greatest humanitarian summits ever on American soil.

The Trivani Foundation®, in conjunction with a handful of tremendous humanitarian partners, has put together a lineup of the finest humanitarians on earth, and we are pleased to welcome them to Utah.

The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Mohammad Yunus, and a handful of additional Nobel Peace Prize recipients are scheduled to participate. It will be a remarkable event, and we are excited to warmly welcome these incredible humanitarians to Utah.

Well, that's quite a roster of dignitaries (with mystery guests not yet listed)! Of course, a lot is going to happen between now and then, including time for all of us to prepare to really have made significant advancements in our personal Trivani businesses. Let's all work for success—and then all meet for this great Summit!

Best Humanitarian Wishes,

Richard Shipp (StarShipp)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Health Benefits of Trivani Products

Trivani Products have been formulated to produce wonderful effects. From time to time we will post some of the testimonials of people using the products and experiencing the helpful results. Here is one (from Bob's Blog of April 10, 2009):
Thank you for this powerful opportunity. I am new to Trivani and just became a child sponsor. I would like to share with you a product testimonial. I have been suffering from acid reflux and have had major ulcers on my esophagus. I had been on a popular medication for acid reflux, and it had pretty much cleared up the ulcers, but the heartburn was still there, just not as bad. My health insurance company denied any further prescriptions for the medication and wanted me to try something less expensive. My physician then provided a thirty-day trial prescription for another medication, and it worked somewhat but was not very effective for heartburn.

After 30 days, I ran out of the medication and procrastinated on calling my doctor. As a result, my heartburn became severe. I told my wife that I was going to call the doctor the following day. Meanwhile, and just in the nick of time, my Trivani product order arrived. I immediately consumed Rakan and Suvan twice, per the directions on the bottles. The next day I awoke and, much to my surprise, I had no heartburn. Now keep in mind that this was severe, constant heartburn that gave me a burning sensation in my arm (the doctors checked this out and determined the sensation was from the heartburn and not my heart). Well, it's been about a week now and still no heartburn, and I believe I am done with medication (with my doctor’s approval, of course). In my opinion, it is the Suvan that is helping me so much—and probably the sea buckthorn berry oil in particular. I will use this product the rest of my life.

David C.

P.S. The product is much cheaper than a prescription
and does even more!