Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Trivani Shipp Fleet Voyage

First, thanks for visiting the Trivani Shipp Fleet blog.

We are a great group of Shipps, who are Independent Humanitarians™ with Trivani International. We work together to sponsor other independent humanitarian distributors for Trivani, who then join our fleet in the Trivani Harbor and then set sail into Purpose, Health, and Prosperity!

We hope you will “Come Aboard” and find the fulfillment of sponsoring a child—providing for their nutritional and health needs, medical needs, and education. Enhance your own health, and those you sponsor through Trivani's great nutrition and personal care products. And improve your income at the same time!

Imagine, an opportunity that does all three missions at once! You can be a great Humanitarian with Trivani.

You can get acquainted with individual Trivani Shipp Fleet Captains at: (Richard & Kherna) (Norman & Angela) (Charlie & Lynnette—ShippAhoy) (David & Jaimee— under construction)

Join StarShipp, Smooth-Sailing Shipp, Shipp Ahoy, and Treasure Shipp as a new Trivani Captain!

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